Nokia mobile Price in Nepal

Everybody Knows the Brand “Nokia” and their phones in past. When Mobile Phone Market was expanding in Nepal, there was only Nokia’s featured (Keypad) Phones in Market that most people used. The price was high but it was durable. They Became so popular till Other mobile companies arrived in the market. They Started with Featured Phone – Launched Windows Phone and at last, they introduce Android Phone to stay in Market.

Nepali Smartphone Market is Small and yet there are so many Mobile Brands available. Many Mobile Brands are struggling to stay on Market. Nokia is one of the brands among them. They launched Android-based Nokia Mobile in Nepal a year ago. Most of the People bought Nokia Mobile by the name and fame of it. The Design and build quality of Nokia is Strong. The price of Nokia Mobile are high compared to Other Brands which left them behind. Hope they will maintain the price and features to compete with other Smartphones in Nepal.


The Latest Dropped Price in Nepal are : 

1. Nokia 1 = Rs.8575 /-
2. Nokia 2 = Rs.10,999 /-
3. Nokia 2.1 = Rs. 12,430 /-
4. Nokia 5 = Rs. 16,499 /-
5 Nokia 6 = Rs. 19,999/-


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