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Nepal Telecom (NT) are planning to block the mobile phone which don’t have IMEI Number. International Mobile Equipment Identity  (IMEI) number is an unique identification of every mobile phone that is produce in a company. It is printed on the case under the battery. If is not and you want to check your IMEI , just dial #06# and it will give you the number.

As news seen on Naya Patrika Daily today they said , Nepal Telecom will give 6 month time to Mobile Network company (NTC,NCELL,SMART,UTL,HELLO MOBILE) to let customer know about their IMEI number if they don’t have. If your mobile phone don’t have IMEI number you have to get from the Mobile Networks company.

All this plans of Nepal Telecom falls under National Equipment Identity Register Program where will track of every Mobile Phones.

Personal Views:

If this System got implemented from this Baisakh 2073, all the black market of mobile phone sales and import will be affected. There is no actual data how many mobile phone are there in customer hand. Basically Mobile phone enters in Nepal from different source like:

  • Gift from abroad to family and friends.
  • Import Grey Mobile from India and other countries.
  • Lost and Found Mobile from abroad.

Give your views about the plan of Nepal Telecom , is this necessary to start this system ?

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