Your Android Smartphone may work slower and take lot of time to load apps and browse the internet. There are many factor which make it work slow like low Internal memory , Low ROM , Installing lots of apps than it support , lower version of android OS , your internet speed etc.

Follow this simple Steps on How to make android Mobile fast :

1. Update your Android Version 

Go to ‘Settings’ of your mobile

Click on ‘About Device’

Check if your device have update , if yes it will download the Software update package which little time.

2. Restart the device twice in a day

We use different kinds of apps in mobile daily. Sometimes we forget to close them properly which results apps run on background. More the apps runs on background your device become more slow so it’s good idea to restart the device once or twice in a day after long usage.

3. Install apps to clear memory

There are plenty of apps which works for you to clean the unwanted apps , memory usage and close the apps. You can get them from play store. by searching ‘Clear memory apps’. We suggest you greenify , Clean master and Speed booster.

4. Turn off Auto sync 

We use Google , Facebook , Twitter , Viber , Whatsapp etc which need our contacts to sync the data. These apps auto sync the data on background and makes the performance of mobile slower. You can remove the account which you quit using it by going to settings > Accounts and remove them.

5. Clear Cache

Go to‘ settings’ 

Click on ‘Application Manager’

Swipe to ‘Downloaded’ and click the apps which you want to stop by clicking ‘Force Close’. Also click on Clear Cache which helps to remove all stored data by the application. Third party Apps listed in point 3  also remove the cache.

6. Don’t use Animation and Live Wallpapers

Animations and Live Wallpapers help to make mobile get a new look. It’s good to have fancy wallpapers and Animation but it will also slower down the performance of your Mobile. If possible don’t use these wallpapers which also reduce your battery life.

7. Uninstall the unwanted Apps

It’s good to have different Apps which meet your requirement. With the daily usage some of the Apps is no longer need in mobile. You can delete those Apps by going to Settings > Application Manager > Uninstall.

8. Move Apps to SD card

Some of the low end Smartphone have low memory which doesn’t support more Apps to install. You can move the Apps by going in Settings > Application Manger > Click on the Apps you want to move > Click on Move Apps to SD card. You can also move the Videos , Pictures and other files into SD card which helps to load mobile faster. You can also get Apps in play store which Move all your Apps to SD card.

9. Hard Reset

This is the last stage of making android mobile fast. You can skip all the above Tips if you want to Reset your device. Don’t forget to :

  • Backup all the Images , Videos , Documents , Files
  • Copy all the contacts in SIM card or export it into SD card
  • Check the Message , it might contain important text.
  • Backup all the Apps using ‘Apps Extractor‘ which can be installed again after resetting the phone.

If you have any other Ideas that helps to make Android Mobile works faster , Suggest us and we may include best suggestion in next article.

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